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January 16, 2014Ordering Illustrations, Manga, Anime, and Design from Over 10,000 Japanese Artists and Designers, in English

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F-Plat.Inc. adds a function that displays the profile pages of artists and designers in both Japanese and English to FASTDESIGN, a cloud sourcing service that has provided illustrations and designs only to users within Japan until now. Not only can clients in English-speaking countries now easily order works from Japanese artists and designers, but designers from English-speaking countries now have opportunities to procure markets in Japan.
On January 15th, 2014, "FAST DESIGN", a service managed by F-Plat. Inc. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) with which designs and illustrations can be easily ordered on the Internet, began to display all registered creators' profiles into English, which helped create an environment where overseas clients can order manga, illustrations, design creations, and Japanese calligraphy from Japanese creators.
On the other hand, when creators from English-speaking countries register their profile, it will be translated into Japanese, and they will be able to receive orders from clients in Japan.

[FAST DESIGN English Page]

[The background of development]

In the past, F-plat displayed the English profiles of creators who wished to take orders mainly from overseas clients (the profiles of about 100 creators) on a separate site called " ( ", and experimentally accepted some illustration/manga creation orders. It has already procured over 150 clients, whom are mostly from Europe and the United States. (*View the attached graph to see number of clients from each country)
Along with the release of the English version of FAST DESIGN on March 2013, a feature where the messages exchanged in the project room ( where users have negotiations) are translated was added. (Press release : It has been proven through several cases that even if the client and creator speak different languages,they can make deals smoothly.

[Examples of orders from overseas clients]
- RPG Characters: US$60 / 5 illustrations

- Anime/game shop characters: US$150 / 1 illustration

- Anime-style caricatures: US$60 / 1 illustration

- Package design for underwear: US$45 / 1 illustration

By displaying all registered profiles in English, the service will help its own overseas marketing activity to gain momentum, and spread Japanese "soft power", such as anime and manga, to the world.
At the same time, it will provide opportunities for overseas creators who are not fluent in Japanese to succeed in Japan.

[Supposed users]

- Individuals that are interested in manga and anime
- Game and application development companies
- Japanese restaurants, and companies related to Japanese culture
- Designers and artists who want to work in Japan

[Function overview]

1. Creators register their profiles in Japanese
2. Upon the completion of the registration, the profile will automatically be translated into English
3. Mistakes in the translation can be fixed by the creators themselves.
4. Clients from English-speaking countries who have viewed the profile will contact the creator in English.
5. The content of the inquiry from the client to the creator will be translated for free into Japanese by the FAST DESIGN support team.
6. The client and creator will negotiate in the "Project room". The posted messages will be automatically translated by a computer.
If necessary, users can use a man-powered translation service where the text will be translated within 24 hours (fees will be charged for man-powered translations).
7. The client can receive data about the delivery once they make the payment using their credit card, etc.