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April 08, 2013Manga/Anime Style Caricature Ordering Service Draw Me! Makes it Easy to Order a SNS Avatars and any other Illustrations by Japanese Manga/Anime Artists from Smartphones

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Draw Me!

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F-Plat, Inc. launched Draw Me!, a caricature ordering site optimized for smartphones and tablets on April 4, 2013. Draw Me! allows anime and manga fans to order Manga/Anime-style caricatures to Japanese artists in English by its translation system.
F-Plat, Inc. (headquarters: Japan) launched Draw Me!, a caricature ordering site optimized for smartphones and tablets on April 4, 2013 (available from PCs as well).
Draw Me! is a unique service that allows customers to order caricatures in a variety of styles such as realistic, manga, anime, etc. from over 60 registered Japanese illustrators from the company's design and illustration outsourcing service FAST DESIGN.
These avatars are great for SNS profiles, business cards, season's greetings, and wedding items or even as presents for birthdays and anniversaries.

Although most of Japanese artists don't understand English, customer's request will be translated upon artist's request so that English speaking customers can order them in their own language.
The service also allows customers to order caricatures that mimic the style of their favorite Japanese anime or manga characters (e.g., Naruto, Dragonball, Spirited Away, Transformers, Astro Boy, Akira, Bleach, etc.) making it particularly attractive to Japanese anime and manga fans.

[How to Order]
1. Choose an illustrator based on sample works from Draw Me!
2. Upload a picture along with your request to the illustrator (English orders are welcome).
3. Complete payment with credit card (Paypal)
4. The illustrator will complete the caricature within 7 days.
5. An email notification will be sent upon completion of the caricature with a special download link.

[Caricature Pricing]
-- Icons for Twitter, Facebook, etc. or Business Cards! "Single Person Caricature"
 -Icon size --- US$9.8
 -Postcard size --- US$20
 -A3 Poster size --- US$35

-- For Special Occasions with Loved Ones and Families! "Two Person Caricature"
 -Icon size --- US$15
 -Postcard size --- US$40
 -A3 Poster size --- US$45

-- For a Trio of Good Friends or Nuclear Families! "Three Person Caricature"
 -Icon size --- US$20
 -Postcard size --- US$40
 -A3 Poster size --- US$60

-- For more than four people or illustrations other than caricatures "Tailored Course"
 -Icon size --- US$30
 -Postcard size --- US$60
 -A3 Poster size --- US$80

-- Draw Me for Free! --- Free
When you upload a picture to "Draw Me for Free!", someone might draw a caricature for free. Caricatures made with "Draw Me for Free!" do not cost money but there are no guarantees regarding quality or deadlines. Also, all caricatures received will be displayed in the gallery.

[Future Plans]
- Expand the selection of registered illustrators and aim for 1000 orders per month within 2013.
- In addition to offering a service to easily order caricatures from unique Japanese illustrators, function as a standalone platform to facilitate Ethical Sourcing to creative professionals from developing nations at the same level of compensation as Japanese creative professionals.