Mission Statement and Our Vision

Mission Statement

Ability Platform

Ability Platform

Utilizing everyone's abilities online At F-Plat, our goal has been to create a distribution market where everyone can offer and utilize their creativity. Since 2002, we have been engaged in the development and operation of many IT services.

In 2006 we started FASTDESIGN, which provides an online platform for creators of products like manga to handle design and illustration transactions, working at the time and place of their choice. We have been able to provide work opportunities for many talented artists who previously had trouble working due to their life circumstances, like designers not living in major cities, illustrators raising children, and art and design school students.
We have also been recognized for providing a useful platform for not only ad agencies and manufacturing businesses, but also mid-size and small businesses and shops, as well as individuals, to easily connect with artists. In the past, it has been difficult for these smaller clients to fully access and utilize design and illustration. By discovering these hidden markets, we have succeeded in contributing to the creation and expansion of the creative marketplace.

We also released FASTSYSTEM, a platform that allows users to request system software development from system engineers nationwide, in 2010, and FASTPHOTO, which lets users search for photographers by the location and time needed, in 2011. We are continually working to connect diverse demand, not met by existing services, with skilled service providers.
We began offering English and Chinese-language services in 2012 on FAST-MANGA.com, and we are receiving more and more requests from businesses and individuals overseas for cool Japanese works from manga artists and illustrators.

We intend to expand our range of services to include music, writing, and more in the future, and to develop global services that utilize the unique abilities of people throughout the world.

We call this range of services an Ability Platform, because it provides a marketplace where clients can find providers with the abilities they need, including creative talent or other skills and knowledge, regardless of language or location.
Anyone can participate in the Ability Platform, regardless of location or time. Anyone can offer services to individuals or companies seeking their skills, and receive fair compensation. At the same time, companies and individuals can find providers with the skills they need, when they need them, to quickly secure the results they need.

By offering the Ability Platform, we aim to improve both business ventures and peoples' lives, through providing an environment where people across the world can freely choose how they want to work, and dramatically improving the convenience of utilizing human resources.

Our Vision

Issues addressed by Ability Platform:

Low birth rate and
aging population
Offers a market environment where people raising children can easily work from home. Older people can also utilize their knowledge and experiences in their free time.
Revitalization of
regional economies
Offers work opportunities regardless of location of residence.
Supports small-sized
Offers opportunities for mid-sized, small, and micro-enterprises, as well as small stores and individual entrepreneurs, to secure the right people at the right time, to optimize their projects.
Encourages demandIdentifies new types of demand, not addressed by existing enterprises, by allowing individuals to work with professional illustrators, photographers, and more in their hobbies and daily lives.
Our multilingual system allows individuals to work globally by exporting Japanese illustrations and manga, and connecting Japanese businesses with creators who have unique international perspectives.
PovertyProvides an environment in which those suffering from poverty in developing countries can receive work from those in developed countries with only an internet connection.

Increasing quality of life through revolution in human capital provision With the accessibility of the internet and technical revolutions like smartphones and tablets, people's ways of working and consuming products are on the brink of major changes, as people's lifestyles change significantly across the world. In this era of changes, our goal is to address domestic and international issues such as aging populations, regional revitalization, intercultural exchange, and poverty, by offering a new array of web services that allow human capital utilization through free exchange of skills with our Ability Platform. Ultimately, we hope to improve quality of life.

At F-Plat, we hope to continually contribute to improving quality of life in this manner.